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Shahrazad Spoils the Coffee

30th October 2012 | Closed

by Sofia Samatar

When the woman with tired eyes
stares too long at the carpet,
the coffee boils over
and hisses on the coals. 

Amanda Invades the Museum

30th October 2012 | Closed

by Michael J. DeLuca

By a first superhuman feat of flight, Amanda scaled the hilltop defenses of an open-air doll museum which focused on depicting in miniature the several centuries between the colonial era and the industrial revolution. 

The Oracle of DARPA

30th October 2012 | Closed

by Bogi Takács

Log: January 04 2012, Part 53

Are they weapons?

they are black and sleek like panthers languid
they spew forth destruction in a single enraptured beam
are they weapons?

Question Four

30th October 2012 | Closed

by Steven L. Peck

It was the escape of the dog-faced baboon that first launched me into the more peaceful enterprise of entomology. Oddly enough, even now, I find myself longing for the nuanced thrill of sneaking into the beast’s cage—the rank smell of musk and urine reminding me that mortality’s end (or eternity’s beginning) sat sleeping uneasily only a too-loud-a-footstep away.