For those wondering where their bodies have gone...

Kaolin Fire

For those wondering where their bodies have gone…the sun, 

and life, anything but this dark, cold ruckus: what do
you remember?

Were you looking when the flash hit, a click, a smile on your 

face? Or were you simply drained away one moment at a
time, shot from cover?

Blessed are they, the fractured—a hundred selves all 

separate, equal in self despite a certain primacy
intrinsic in one’s faded memories of another.…

It’s getting crowded; the management is aware—the pressure of 

some billion disembodied voices can be quite
discomfiting. They apologize, but the re-supply ships
are notoriously late, and management’s best efforts at
pruning, well! They admit, with some self-deprecation,
they hadn’t imagined how fast you all would grow!

Your bodies? Oh! They’re outside, as ever, empty shells just 

dreaming that they’re you, running off some half-
imagined hint of what you were to them; don’t worry,
they’re fine. Just bringing more of you to harvest in
the most—you say, humane?—manner possible; as if not a
thing had changed.

Kaolin Fire is a conglomeration of ideas, side projects, and experiments. Outside of his primary occupation, he also develops computer games, edits Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine, and very occasionally teaches computer science. He has had poetry published in Strange Horizons, Every Day Weirdness, and Bull Spec, among others.

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