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Feral Dream Orphanage

31st July 2012 | Closed

by Alexandra Seidel

The moon is a lantern in my house of feral dreams,
each dream a beast from a legend unwritten,
their shadows cut from nightmares
and the wish to fly.

Stolen Child

31st July 2012 | Closed

by Nicole M. Taylor

Rosalie’s mother used to have a routine for whenever Rosalie or one of her sisters informed her that another baby was soon on its way. She would sit down slowly, as though her ar-thritis pained her more than it actually did and lean her head on her hand. “Another mouth to feed,” she would sigh.

Reverse Burn

31st July 2012 | Closed

by Samantha Henderson & Kendall Evans

(after Frankenstein, Edison Studios, 1910:)


31st July 2012 | Closed

by David Mohan

The woods round here are haunted. 

That’s how it feels. I step in between the trees and a different atmosphere settles. A listening quiet. There is the light susurration as my feet pad on dead needles. 

I walk between trees, thinking that the sound here is too muffled, the air too close to be a place outdoors. It feels more like a museum.