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Jabberwocky 16

30th November 2012 | Closed

Jabberwocky 16

Under Seige
Zach Wag­n­er

All the King’s Hors­es, All the King’s Men
by Alexan­dra Seidel

King of Kings
by Tejas Ranade

Hard­er Trick Than Heart
by E. Cather­ine Tobler

Jabberwocky 15

30th October 2012 | Closed

Jabberwocky 15

Shahrazad Spoils the Coffee
by Sofia Samatar

Aman­da Invades the Museum 
by Michael J. DeLuca

The Ora­cle of DARPA
by Bogi Takács

Ques­tion Four
by Steven L. Peck

Jabberwocky 14

26th September 2012 | Closed

Jabberwocky 14

Syco­rax Awaits the Birth of Caliban
by San­di Leibowitz

The Book of Lit­tle Deaths
by A.C. Wise

Bod­ies from Bones
by Helen Ogden

The Scarred Utopi­an Takes a Wife
by Sun­ny Moraine

Jabberwocky 13

28th August 2012 | Closed

I Dreamed the Moon
by Julia Rios

The Seed Keeper
by 小川 幸生 Yuki­mi Ogawa

Undo­ing Winter
by Shan­non Con­nor Winward

by Steve Toase

Jabberwocky 12

31st July 2012 | Closed

Jabberwocky 12

Fer­al Dream Orphanage
by Alexan­dra Seidel

Stolen Child
by Nicole M. Taylor

Reverse Burn
by Saman­tha Hen­der­son & Kendall Evans

by David Mohan