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On the Last Day Comes the Indefinable

21st December 2012 | Closed

Deborah Walker

On the last day, when the red, dying sun
bounces long light on the lapping ocean,
we come. 

How We Spent the End of the World

21st December 2012 | 1 Comment

Radu Romaniuc

The téléphérique moved so silently that I found myself drowsing despite the biting cold. I kept thinking that maybe we weren’t moving forward at all and the gentle rocking of the cab was a result of wind rather than cable action. The thought didn’t feel alarming enough to make me open my eyes.

My wife said, ‘Look,’ and now I opened them. 

For those wondering where their bodies have gone...

21st December 2012 | Closed

Kaolin Fire

For those wondering where their bodies have gone…the sun, 

and life, anything but this dark, cold ruckus: what do
you remember?

There's No Place Like No Place

21st December 2012 | Closed

Jeff Samson

He was a small, quiet boy sitting at the edge of the playground, watching the other children through the comfort of the chain-link fence between, watching them laughing and playing on the monkey bars and carousels.