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Under Seige

30th November 2012 | Closed

Zach Wagner

Ladders of love lifted
to scale lofty walls,
I tip massive cauldrons
of boiling apathy. 

All the King's Horses, All the King's Men

30th November 2012 | Closed

by Alexandra Seidel

Across from her on the bed sits a boy wearing the mask of a man. Not the kind of mask the wearer knows about, not the kind they could take off.

There be dragons! There be dragons!” 

King of Kings

30th November 2012 | Closed

by Tejas Ranade

Retrieved from a
scroll deader than the

I know none but me. 

Harder Trick Than Heart

30th November 2012 | Closed

by E. Catherine Tobler

So it was like this.

Abasi didn’t mean nothing by it, right? Man steps onto your territory, you have to step right back, defend it. And Geb knew—he knew whose zone he was in.