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28th August 2012 | Closed

by Steve Toase (Eng­land) Sky had been addict­ed to fire­works since first tast­ing them scorch through her in Chi­na over a thou­sand years ago.  To try and explain the nar­cot­ic rush of these chem­i­cals would not trans­late into our lan­guage. Noth­ing else compared.

Undoing Winter

28th August 2012 | Closed

by Shan­non Con­nor Win­ward (USA) I went into ground for you. I faced the guardians of the gates of hell. I gave away my jew­eled bracelets and marched naked to the cat-calls of the dead all to res­cue your sor­ry ass and here you are, hud­dled on your mildewed throne speech­less as a shrug.

The Seed Keeper

28th August 2012 | Closed

by 小川 幸生 Yuki­mi Ogawa (Japan) The seed keep­er wait­ed. Only she didn’t know how long she had yet to wait. She was released from her lit­tle shrine when the world died, when the shrine was crushed flat by the lethal storm. She looked up. She could see, beyond the smoke and ash­es and dust, that the […]

I Dreamed the Moon

28th August 2012 | 1 Comment

by Julia Rios (USA) I dreamed the moon came down from the sky; I dreamed she was dat­ing an old friend of mine, shar­ing a flat with 6 oth­ers, shoe­string bud­get, kiss­ing all the time to keep warm.