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28th August 2012 | Closed

by Steve Toase

Sky had been addicted to fireworks since first tasting them scorch through her in China over a thousand years ago. 

To try and explain the narcotic rush of these chemicals would not translate into our language. Nothing else compared. 

Undoing Winter

28th August 2012 | Closed

by Shannon Connor Winward

I went into ground for you. I faced the guardians
of the gates of hell.
I gave away my jeweled bracelets
and marched naked to the cat-calls of the dead
all to rescue your sorry ass
and here you are,
huddled on your mildewed throne
speechless as a shrug. 

The Seed Keeper

28th August 2012 | Closed

by 小川 幸生 Yukimi Ogawa

The seed keeper waited. Only she didn’t know how long she had yet to wait.

She was released from her little shrine when the world died, when the shrine was crushed flat by the lethal storm. She looked up. She could see, beyond the smoke and ashes and dust, that the last rain was coming. 

I Dreamed the Moon

28th August 2012 | 1 Comment

by Julia Rios

I dreamed the moon
came down from the sky;
I dreamed she was dating an old friend of mine,
sharing a flat with 6 others,
shoestring budget,
kissing all the time to keep warm.