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Fox’s Testament

28th May 2012 | 1 Comment

by John Patrick Pazdzio­ra (Scot­land) Be bold, be bold… It was not so. You only heard the wind Through the ivy against the west­ern gate. You heard, and dreamed you saw the worst, and sinned, For in this grue­some dream you plucked and ate.

Talbot's Anatomy

28th May 2012 | 1 Comment

by Bec­ca De La Rosa (Ire­land) Pp. 178–181, ursi­dae, ima­go mun­di Bears have exquis­ite ner­vous sys­tems. They are com­prised of sev­en roads, tra­vers­ing the sev­en regions of the bear body: the first road, called Ompha­los; the sec­ond called Har­vest; the third called Sli­abh Bheag; the fourth called Judas Win­dow; the fifth called Knife; the sixth called Uppermost; […]

The First Flute, Played in Enceladus's Light: Five Voices

28th May 2012 | Closed

by Michele Ban­nis­ter (Aus­tralia) i. ANCESTOR Once, under fit­ful light, we came to take our own left through the salt­ed mar­row and the mar-path, the marsh­light and shiv­ered rushes.


28th May 2012 | 1 Comment

by Adam Smith (USA) The first fig­ure is lopsided—a long, thin arm on one side bal­anced by a short cud­­gel-shaped appendage on the oth­er; a bul­bous head like a mis­shapen pota­to. Murak mut­ters, smash­es it flat with a blow of his palm, starts again.