Happily Ever

by Matthew Yasuoka

Paranormal parapets point parallax
distance defined by mathematics
an acute angle circumscribed by the compass oscillations
Never finding truth. Directional falsehoods.

They slipped halos into their pockets
They slipped sins upon their heads
Going home,
trading one for the other

Her hair grew into concertina wire
he can no longer climb
He blames her for his barbs

Dark matter encircles his finger
locking them in orbit
emotional red shift
physically bonded by gravity

She synthesizes her tower out of skyscraper skeletons
piling the Sears tower upon Taipei 101
a toy chest of armistice arcana
accumulated in blueberry baskets

When he ascended she cast him down like a water balloon and
watched him break into a million autumns

Matthew Yasuoka is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Missive. He likes abnormality, Portland, and Reading Frenzy. Follow his blog at http://pagelust.blogspot.com.

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