Happily Ever

by Matthew Yasuoka

Para­nor­mal para­pets point parallax
dis­tance defined by mathematics
an acute angle cir­cum­scribed by the com­pass oscillations
Nev­er find­ing truth. Direc­tion­al falsehoods.

They slipped halos into their pockets
They slipped sins upon their heads
Going home,
trad­ing one for the other

Her hair grew into con­certi­na wire
he can no longer climb
He blames her for his barbs

Dark mat­ter encir­cles his finger
lock­ing them in orbit
emo­tion­al red shift
phys­i­cal­ly bond­ed by gravity

She syn­the­sizes her tow­er out of sky­scraper skeletons
pil­ing the Sears tow­er upon Taipei 101
a toy chest of armistice arcana
accu­mu­lat­ed in blue­ber­ry baskets

When he ascend­ed she cast him down like a water bal­loon and
watched him break into a mil­lion autumns

Matthew Yasuo­ka is the founder and Edi­tor-in-Chief of Mis­sive. He likes abnor­mal­i­ty, Port­land, and Read­ing Fren­zy. Fol­low his blog at http://pagelust.blogspot.com.

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