Fox’s Testament

by John Patrick Pazdziora

Be bold, be bold…

It was not so. You only heard the wind
Through the ivy against the western gate.
You heard, and dreamed you saw the worst, and sinned,
For in this gruesome dream you plucked and ate.

It was not so. You saw blood in the track
Where there was only water under stone,
The white road at sunset. Look back, look back
And see—who walks beside you, all alone?

And God forbid that ragged muzzle touch
Your neck or break your crown of asphodel
But fear of blood has made you taste too much
And fear displaced the bridal bed to hell
Burning out—out—damn spot! It was not so
It was not so and God forbid it should be so!

John Patrick Pazdziora is an author, poet, and literary scholar. He lives in Scotland and writes The Paradoxes of Mr Pond (

One Response to "Fox’s Testament"

  • Thinking, life, reading — all of enchantments. That’s what this poem made me feel.

    1 Kate W said this (June 1, 2012 at 11:42 pm)