Bei Nacht - A Demon Song

by Alexandra Seidel

[Bei Nacht und Nebel schleichen Dämonen
durch die Gassen, recken sich und
suchen Blut]

*_At night, in fog, demons creep
through alleys, stretch their muscles and
go looking for blood._

(At night, demons come out to dance.)

This city is ours
as much as it is nobody’s.
Out in the woods
the mandrake sings with lily voice
and on the cobbles, fires burn
pyres high as hate.
Paddock, come anon.
This rose is not a rose
no matter what you call it.

[Bei Nacht sind alle Katzen grau.]

*_At night all cats are gray._

(All things are black at night,
the night is black all over.)

The little girl was called Rowan.
She should have been baptized
in water, not drowned in it.
Everyone watched, everyone
called for the water to take her voice.
took a stone back home
sometimes the stone would fit so smugly
where it dragged, that they never even noticed it,
not for years.

The night was black all over
and the demons, wide eyed,
dancing in the streets.

[Bei Nacht, bei Nacht, hat das ganze Dorf
dem Teufel sein Kind tot gemacht.]

*_At night, at night, the whole village
murdered the devil’s child._

Alexandra Seidel lives surrounded by many books. Some say she has too many of them, but those critics aren’t right of course. Things Alexandra wrote herself may be found in Jabberwocky, Strange Horizons, Bull Spec and others. Lately she has taken up editing poetry for Fantastique Unfettered and Niteblade. Read her feline writer’s blog:

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