Jabberwocky 5

Jabberwocky Issue 5

A selec­tion of poet­ry and prose from our 5th issue, the final print edi­tion of Jab­ber­wocky.

by Erik Amundsen

She Makes One Hell of a Wicked Witch
by Peter Kovochich

by Bec­ca De La Rosa

The New Alexandria
by by Sonya Taaffe

by Shwe­ta Narayan

The Burmese Tailor
by Genevieve Valentine

From Fan­ta­sist to Son
by Adam B. Shaeffer

The Poet’s Child
by A.C. Wise

by E. Lily Yu

by Alexan­dra Seidel

Waxed Lachry­mose
by Sarah E. Colona

Deal­ing the Deck of War
by Jen­nifer Crow

Lay­ing Small Ghosts
by Vir­ginia M. Mohlere

Let­ting Him Slither
by KL Pereira

Black Arrows from the Gold­en Bow
by Erik Amundsen

Reap the Whirlwind
by Rose Lemberg

Until We Are Naked Again Beneath the Mute Wit­ness of Stars
by Berrien C. Henderson 

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