Jabberwocky 5

Jabberwocky Issue 5

A selection of poetry and prose from our 5th issue, the final print edition of Jabberwocky.

by Erik Amundsen

She Makes One Hell of a Wicked Witch
by Peter Kovochich

by Becca De La Rosa

The New Alexandria
by by Sonya Taaffe

by Shweta Narayan

The Burmese Tailor
by Genevieve Valentine

From Fantasist to Son
by Adam B. Shaeffer

The Poet’s Child
by A.C. Wise

by E. Lily Yu

by Alexandra Seidel

Waxed Lachrymose
by Sarah E. Colona

Dealing the Deck of War
by Jennifer Crow

Laying Small Ghosts
by Virginia M. Mohlere

Letting Him Slither
by KL Pereira

Black Arrows from the Golden Bow
by Erik Amundsen

Reap the Whirlwind
by Rose Lemberg

Until We Are Naked Again Beneath the Mute Witness of Stars
by Berrien C. Henderson 

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