Letting Him Slither

Medusa considers her lover, Poseidon

by KL Pereira

He likes to let down my hair, his water-cool fingers unfurling 

the serpents and their silken

tongues til their scaly bodies scrape the sandy floor of the seabed,
that cornflower room where monsters make love.

He stretches supine over the shadowed sand as blue as a 

corpse and currents course

and shiver as my hair slithers up his strong sea-legs,
curling around his sharp hips, protruding aching and slick

Even when he cries, he won’t feel my hands; not that it’s an 

unreasonable demand.

It’s just that I love to watch him slither.

Who else can say they get the God of the Sea off with a brush, 

a mere serpentine tickle?

My shining sea-lizards like to lick, stretching over him, 

trailing tears and sweat,

searing muscles hot and wet, they thrash together,

groping writhing skin, unhooking jaws, 

leaving full-moon bites, venus blood pooling

in that underwater room of night.

Even when he begs, I know he never wants me to stop;
Even when he screams, he knows I won’t.

When he finally catches his breath,
he wraps himself in whispers of wet underbelly, my

hair for once docile against his back, 

my hands floating above his grin

And he asks me to hurt him again.

KL Pereira is obsessed with the creepy, creaky underbelly of life and whatever lies beyond. She holds a BA in Literature and Languages from Bard College, an MA in Gender/Cultural Studies from Simmons College, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College. Her poetry, fiction, and nonfiction exploring topics such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the history of Wonder Woman, gender and sexuality, postmodern fairy tales, and zine culture have been published in Bitch Magazine, Clamor Magazine, The Pitkin Review, Girlistic Magazine, The Hub Journal: Boston’s Literary Occasional, Girlistic Magazine, and Girl Culture and Boy Culture (collections from Greenwood Press).  Pereira is hard at work on a collection of flash fiction fairy tales and young adult novel.

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